National Pancake Day with Krusteaz {St. Patrick’s Day Style}

Do y’all know what March 5th is?! National Pancake Day!! We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day style with Krusteaz and green flap jacks!

Krusteaz did send us their Protein Pancake Mix to try, but y’all probably know that I already exclusively use their mixes for pancakes and waffles. They are quick, easy, taste great and always turn out nice and fluffy! We’ve tried a few other protein rich mixes, but these have a much better flavor and the usual pancake texture. On the protein side, each serving provides 15 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, and is made from 100% whole grain flour. The mix can also be used for waffles, but since it’s pancake day I went with those.

I prefer these paste food colorings over the liquid. A little goes a long way and the color is always vibrant.

Another secret to big fluffy pancakes is that we always do a 1:1 substitution of the water with cold club soda! It doesn’t change the flavor.

Since we’re kicking off March and our St. Patrick’s Day festivities, I topped them with whipped cream and a rainbow of sprinkles. Little pots of golden (go with me here) halo oranges were a festive and easy side.

Happy National Pancake Day!! And, speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, I am SO excited that we will be headed home to Savannah for some of this year’s festivities!!

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2 thoughts on “National Pancake Day with Krusteaz {St. Patrick’s Day Style}

  1. Your pancakes look fabulous and I love learning about the club soda trick!😊

    So happy for you to be going home for St. Patrick’s festivities. Those are always fun posts and I’m sure your parents are looking forward to seeing all of you and that preparations are already underway! ☘🍀☘🍀☘🍀☘🍀

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