Easter Egg Hunt for Kids from Kindergarten to Teen

After having missed out on Easter egg hunts the last two years (we were traveling on Spring Break), both of my boys asked if we could do one. With the four cousins ranging in age from six to thirteen, Sister and I put our heads together to plan an Easter Egg Hunt that would be fun and fair for all!

Here’s how we did it:

  • We color coded eggs for each child – pink, yellow, blue and green – and decided that we would hide 10 for each.
  • We didn’t want a bunch of candy, and really wanted to fill them with things the kids would genuinely love receiving.
  • Sister chose 4 for each, I chose 4 for each, and Mother chose 2 for each.
  • We each individually found eggs of all sizes to use in the hunt! Many were much larger than a regular Easter egg and Michael’s was a great source for these.
  • A few items wouldn’t fit in an egg, so inside they received a slip of paper telling them where to find their prize.

What we put inside:

  • We had a lot of fun shopping for the items! We hit places like Target, Five Below, Dollar Tree and Michael’s.
  • The biggest hits were lottery tickets, geodes that you crack open with a hammer and mini lego sets.
  • Gag gifts included a roach on wheels (ew), fart bombs and whistles.
  • Girly items were a change purse, chap stick, play makeup and play jewelry.
  • Cold hard cash and gift cards to favorite places (Target and Great American Cookie Co.) were also winners.
  • Age appropriate books and activity books were a couple of the items that wouldn’t fit in the eggs.

After the hunt, the kids enjoyed a little snack on the porch!

It was a lot of fun and went off without a hitch. The kids already asked to do a repeat in 2020! (So we saved all of our colored eggs. haha!)

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