Elsa Turns 4

Our little Elsa Belle turned four and you know Whit didn’t let the event pass without insisting on a celebration. Much like last year, we picked up pupcakes and cupcakes at Small Cakes and had our own little dessert party.

Long before I had my own Cricut, I had a friend add Elsa’s name to the Happy Everything dog bone attachment. It’s been used more than I ever thought it would over the years.

Y’all know I grew up with cats, and I still love cats, but there is nothing like a dog’s love. One of you wise readers told me back in the puppy days to be patient with her, that she was just one more thing for me to take care of but that I was everything to her. That comment was so true and those early days were a lot like child birth – I’ve long since forgotten the pain :-). Elsa has brought more joy and happiness to our family than I ever dreamed possible. I finally “got my girl” and she completed our family!

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5 thoughts on “Elsa Turns 4

  1. Happy Birthday, Miss Elsa! It’s hard to believe you’re already four! Have a happy spring, sweet girl.

  2. PS…Don’t tell your mom but I still think it was cute how you stole the pizza a couple of years ago! ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday Elsa. I watched your emotional struggle about dogs, from not being sure if you wanted to get one, to those puppy days, to now. I agreed, and sympathized, and laughed at your stories of the journey. We have since gotten two dogs- both bluetick coonhounds, sibling from different litters, born a year apart. Summitt turns 2 in June, and Pearl will be 1 in July. They are both fans of pizza, bacon, and biscuits. The more human the food, the better the fun in stealing it off the table or stove top. I am even crazily contemplating adding a boy to the mix, but my husband says we need to add on to the house for that to happen. Thank you for leading the way and showing me that a cat person can love her own puppies too.

    1. Thanks for sharing Amber! We still laugh and say that I was the Grinch and Elsa grew my heart by two sizes. :-) xo

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