Field Days

Both boys had their field days this week – the most anticipated day of the year still in fourth and seventh!

I helped out with the tricycle race for fourth and fifth grade at Whit’s school. They had so much fun competing against their fellow fourth grade classes and, while they didn’t bring home the win, these smiles say it all!

Over at the middle school, I worked the concession stand. I walked away that afternoon with a full heart and feeling so proud that I could bust. Every single teen had beautiful manners, made great eye contact, picked up after themselves and shared their snacks with the ones that didn’t bring money. I saw kids of every size, shape, ethnicity, ability and so on and so forth hugging, giving high fives and fist bumps, and just generally laughing and having a great day together. On my “area” social boards, I can seem like a relentless stream of everything kids (and parents) are doing wrong. Based on what I observed, I think their futures are bright and all of the parents, family, neighbors, role models and teachers helping shape and form these kids is doing a wonderful job! 

We are on the final countdown to summer. John still has a test or final in every class, but Whit seems to have nothing but fun left!

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