Have a Whale of a Summer {Last Day of School Snack}

Y’all, I was really down to the wire on this year’s last day of school snack. Without a functioning kitchen and being tied home with painters all day, on top of the fact that it was just a half day, I was really sweating this year’s last day of school snack. I almost decided to take them out for ice cream when a quick Target run for a water gun sparked an idea.

I had not yet made it it see the Vineyard Vines for Target collection, but there were a few straggler pieces left on the shelf. The “have a whale of a summer” slogan caught my eye and I ran with it. I picked up the paper napkins, paper plates and four placemats that I really want to have Mother sew into a runner. After a quick run down the snack aisle for some of the favorites, I was on my way!

I brought the chalkboard up from the basement and pulled a whale sticker off of John’s pin board (adhered with a small piece of tape so as to not ruin either the sticker or the chalkboard.) As the boys came home from the bus and carpool, we added our summer bucket list items!

It turned out really cute, in a pinch! Hope y’all have a whale of a summer. Ours starts now!!

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6 thoughts on “Have a Whale of a Summer {Last Day of School Snack}

  1. Hoping you have the very BEST summer this year! It looks like it will be a blast! xo

  2. I am intentionally staying out of Target(and other stores) but I love those napkins and placemats! As always, your end of school ideas are the cutest!

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