How to Make a Candy Bar Bouquet

Jay Bird was in his first theater production last weekend! Since it was the evening of our anniversary and we had booked one of the hardest places to eat in Atlanta weeks before hand (Staplehouse!), Honey and I didn’t get to attend. Mother and Daddy-O took Whit and we wanted to send something special since CeeCee had just received her Jojo Bow-quet the night before.

I thought about flowers but, knowing how much Jay loves candy bars, decided to wrap some of his favorites into a bouquet!

It was really easy – much easier than flowers!

How to Make a Candy Bar Bouquet

Step 1

You’ll need long skewers, candy bars, packing tape, tissue paper, ribbon and some sort of hard paper (cardboard or cardstock) backing.

Step 2

Tape the skewers to the backs of the candy bars, leaving varying lengths of skewer hanging out on the ends. I did 3 with one length and 3 with a shorter length.

Step 3

Arrange the candy bars in your hand and use tape to secure the skewers. Wrap the bouquet in tissue paper. Use ribbon to secure. Now, my candy was flopping around, so I wedged a piece of cardstock, folded in half, between two sheets of the tissue paper to give the whole thing some much needed structure.

We hate that we didn’t get to see the big show, but were so proud of Jay!! He has always been well spoken, has a flair for the dramatic and boasts a huge personality so I’m sure this won’t be his last time on stage!

Congrats Jay!!!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make a Candy Bar Bouquet

  1. Your bouquet looks great! I appreciate the cardstock tip. 😊 🍬🍫🍭🍬 Congratulations, Jay! I’m sure you did a fabulous job and hope you find lots of joy in stage performing. It’s so fun but requires alot of time and dedication. You should be very proud of yourself!🎭🎬🎭

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