JoJo Recital Bow-quet

Every year for CeeCee’s recital I have been making her a flower bouquet with something special tucked inside. When Sister mentioned a few weeks ago that CeeCee had been begging for a JoJo Siwa bow, I knew that would be the finishing touch on her bouquet!

I purchased the flowers at Trader Joe’s a couple of days in advance to give the roses time to open up. Here’s the gist of how I make the bouquets:

  • I always start by separating any stems that have multiple “branches”. Then, I pull off all of the leaves from the stems.
  • I make the bouquet in my hand by eyeballing where each stem should go to make a nice, round bouquet the right size for a little one.
  • Once I am happy with the look, I use a rubber band near the top of the stem to secure them in place.
  • Next, I trim the stems to be fairly short.
  • I cover the rubber band by tightly wrapping the stems in ribbon and then knotting.
  • For this one, I finished it off by clipping the JoJo bow onto the ribbon.

As for the recital itself, CeeCee had her family, all of her grandparents as well as our family of four in attendance. Our seats were a little spread out, so we got a real laugh when we looked back to see Honey already sleeping before the show even started. Haha!

CeeCee takes ballet and tap but did only tap in this year’s recital. They danced to Respect and it was ADORABLE!!!

Afterwards she was all smiles. And she was THRILLED with her JoJo bow! She said “WHAT??? Is this a REAL JoJo bow???!!!!”

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I know she’s not mine, but I love as if she were! <3

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6 thoughts on “JoJo Recital Bow-quet

  1. I just love your bouquets and plan to start this tradition for my daughter when she starts dance this year! I have to say I learned something more from this post-I had no idea who JoJo Siwa was or that she has branded hair bows. Shortly after my daughter was born (she’s 2.5 now) my mom sent her a collection of 5 bows. They of course were way too big for a newborn so I tucked them in her closet to wait for when she was older. After reading this post I just went to check and sure enough they are JoJo Siwa! Guess she’ll be quite happy once she knows who JoJo is ;)

  2. I’m with Honey. If I ever had to attend a dance recital again, I may slice my wrists……….. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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