Living Wax Museum {Pope Francis}

It seems like just yesterday that I was attending John’s fourth grade wax museum yet here we are again! Time does fly.

Each student got to pick a person that they felt has had a tremendous impact on society. I honestly had to choke back the tears when Whit carried his paper home saying he had chosen Pope Francis. That was a proud (Catholic) mom moment for sure.  

The vast majority of the project was prepared at school, with the students completing all of their own research for their tri-fold display boards AND their oral presentation in class.   While Whit is usually a very easy going guy, he does not like my input on his projects (for work or pleasure) and he wants to know ALL of the details when learning something new. This led to some unexpected but valid questions from the kid – what is abortion? Why do people think slavery is ok? What is LGBT, exactly? (which I attempted to answer at an age appropriate level). On top of that, getting him to glue things on in a straight line and cut neatly were among the most challenging parenting moments I’ve had with him. Ha! In the end, he had a wonderful display and presentation.

The displays were set up in the classrooms and family and other students were invited to tour the museum.  Each child started out sitting very still in front of his board.  When you pressed the “button” on their right hand, they came to life with a short oral speech about themselves.  It was all presented in first person and was fascinating and interesting.  

My mother in law came with me and we got to meet everyone from Neil Armstrong to Martin Luther King to Walt Disney to Steve Jobs! Every single child did an incredible job!!  (Whit and our neighbor bff….aka the Pope and Steve Jobs.)

I took a short little video of Whit’s portrayal of Pope Francis. It was pretty noisy with all of the kids talking, but you can get the gist.

We are officially in the month of May-hem, with all of the end of school and sports activities and festivities!

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5 thoughts on “Living Wax Museum {Pope Francis}

  1. How wonderful that he chose the Pope. It warms my heart when kids are willing to share their spiritual selves and faith with others. That’s not always easy to do.

  2. I am NOT a Catholic mom but have great admiration for the current Pope and his work in the world. I think it’s amazing that Whit selected him to emulate and share info about his amazing life with others who may not understand or know a lot about Catholicism. I loved the video!! You are truly raising caring, thoughtful young men!

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