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We are already a week into summer vacation but I have one last school related post to share. Whit’s teacher is getting hitched this summer so we surprised her with a wedding shower during the time allotted for the end of the year class party!

As luck would have it, CeeCee’s teacher is also getting married this summer so Sister and I had fun collaborating on the two parties. She did hers first, so I had the the full benefit of her planning. Here’s how ours went down…

While the class and teacher were at the fourth grade awards ceremony (Daddy-O attended for Whit), the room moms, Mother and I frantically worked to decorate the classroom for the surprise!

When the class returned, we kept Emily in the hallway and had the kids file in to their seats. We handed each of them a flower. Meanwhile, Emily was surprised with a veil and sash and she was already near tears!

We turned on Pachelbel’s Canon and she walked down the aisle. Each student handed her the flower to form a full bouquet by the time she reached the end of the aisle… to find the biggest surprise of all… her fiance!!!

For activities, we played two games. The first was “Who Knows the Bride Best?” It was the class against the fiance! We thought up 15 questions and gave each of the kids the list with a pencil for their answers. Emily and Crawford each got a whiteboard and dry erase marker. We called out a question and they secretly wrote their answers. Then, for each question, we called on one boy and one girl for their answers. Emily and Crawford showed theirs and “the class” and Crawford each earned a point for every one that was correct! It was really cute!

The second game was Bridal Shower Bingo. This was a printable from etsy. We passed out the bingo cards to everyone and gave them two rolls of smarties for markers. We played two rounds.

Next it was time for food! We served cupcakes and lemonade. I found all of the table runner, plates, napkins and flags on clearance at Target. I used a gold sharpie to decorate the flags with their monograms, wedding date and other wedding-ish sayings.

At this point, we switched gears to gifts! We gave the couple something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Something Old was a wonderful sixpence in a keepsake folder. Sister found this and it was really beautiful. I wish I had one on my wedding day!

Something New was a pitcher from her registry. For Something Blue, we tied a blue ribbon to the handle. We used it as a vase for her flower bouquet.

Finally, Something Borrowed was a book of marriage advise from the kids. I solicited their input via email to the parents to keep it a secret and made a hard back coffee table book on Shutterfly. It turned out so sweet and precious and I hope she will treasure it forever. This was her first class too, so I feel like they will be memorable. :-)

The party wrapped up with photo booth pictures!

It was a sweet end to fourth grade and the kids seemed to love getting to attend their teachers “wedding”!

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26 thoughts on “Teacher Wedding Shower Class Party

  1. What a fun surprise you did for Whit’s teacher! I’m sure she will remember them. Love all the fun ideas you had.

  2. Oh my goodness, Amanda.

    How incredibly kind and thoughtful and just fabulous you are for planning this party for Witt’s teacher. I absolutely LOVE every single detail. Every. single one. :-) She will forever be touched by this sweet surprise. Best of all, your sweet boy will forever be touched by the kindness you have shown to his teacher. Kindness begets kindness.

    This truly made my morning. Thank you for sharing.

    Deb :-)

    1. Thank you. Making that book of the kid’s quotes was one of my favorite parts! They were so full of great advice!

  3. This is an awesome memory the kids will have forever. I still remember when my 7th grade class took part in the wedding of our 7th grade teacher.

  4. Are you sure you weren’t a party event planner in a former life? LOL You always amaze me with all of your special touches.

  5. Amanda,
    You have the greatest ideas. What a wonderful one for the bride to be! I bet she will never forget her first class & her bridal shower!🎂🎈💍

  6. This actually brought tears to my eyes! My daughter and my sister ate teachers and are not blessed to have anywhere close to this level of caring from their students/parents. So much of teaching is very hard these days, what a wonderful post this was to remind me of all the good!!

    1. Awwwww, my mom was a teacher and always says how lucky these teachers are. It is a very hard job, with so much more than just teaching involved. I love loving on ours!

  7. As a teacher,I would like to thank you for your thoughtfulness and thoroughness. It means so much when a parent shows their appreciation and it brings tears to my eyes at your kindness.

  8. oh my goodness!!! this is SOOO cute and unique! love all the special touches you make in everything! i’m sure the teacher and the kids are gonna remember this forever! soo sweet, special and thoughtful! looove it! great job as always!!

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