Week 1 {A Kitchen Update}

We are one week in to our little kitchen update and it is already taking shape!

You can see here that the counters are out and the island and peninsula have both been leveled and the backsplash is gone. I already LOVE how much this opens up the space to the den, lets light flow through and makes conversation between the rooms easier.

Honey is almost done rerouting the electrical. We will have a lot of drywall patching to do!

I cannot wait to see this hardware go. It has been the bane of my type-a existence for over 10 years.

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We are really excited about these changes and look forward to sharing with y’all as make progress over the next three weeks or so!

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9 thoughts on “Week 1 {A Kitchen Update}

  1. I have that same kitchen hardware and can not WAIT to see what you replace it with. I’ve wanted to change mine for years!

    1. I HATE it with a passion! I hate the knobs that never stay put and I hate that my clothes get caught on the pulls.

  2. Just a thought..I see you have a cream or white outlet in the side of the island. I had that too in a dark island. We switched it to a dark one and it just disappeared. It was very easy. Your home is just beautiful.

  3. Amanda…love your kitchen as it was….but excited to see the changes. We took down a wall between our formal dining room and kitchen four years ago, created a beautiful peninsula since we couldn’t do an island, new cabinets too. Love it every time I walk in to it.

  4. Cant wait to see all the changes coming! I love the better sight-line to the family room it really opens it up. I have a similar tile backsplash as you and while its in great shape I want to update the backsplash/counters in the next year. My hubby has already informed me we will have to replace the sheet rock like you. Just wondering are you guys installing the new backsplash before the counters or vice versa?

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