Cheerful Summer Door Hangers

I’ve got my fun, fishy Bronwyn Hanahan door hanger back out front to welcome summer.  Why fix something that’s not broken!?

If you remember back to my May door, my shrub on the left had a bunch of completely dead patches. I cut those out and have all of my fingers and toes crossed that the thing survives. Meanwhile, the ferns are my best yet. They have been thriving in our hot, humid weather.

I realized once I loaded this pics to the blog that I should have fluffed the bow part of the fish. Funny how pictures make me so much more critical than looking at something in real life.

Over at the side door I have Mr. Crab Leg – a DIY project of Mother’s.  I love his cheerful pop of color on the blue door. Y’all know Honey just pressure washed the whole driveway… this spot by the door is just dry while the rest was wet from a little shower. It took me a minute to realize what was going on there!

I suppose some of you are still in the throes of the end of the school year. CeeCee is in horse camp near us this week so Sister and Jay have been spending their mornings with us. Tonight John has a bunch of lacrosse friends coming over to watch basketball and Jay is sleeping over with Whit. I need to wrap this up and start opening all the junk food. :-)

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6 thoughts on “Cheerful Summer Door Hangers

  1. Oh Amanda, I need to get my Mr. Crab leg out and put him on my front door too! I hope I can find him! He was a fun project! Awwww……….entertaining the boys….you are earning another star in your crown! Love, Marme

  2. I cannot keep ferns alive, no matter how hard I try. Yours look beautiful.
    My daughter is at Girl Scout camp, just north of Nashville this week working an internship in their horse barn. She absolutely loves it. Her favorite part is being able to teach the younger girls about the horses and watching their love of the animals develop. Hope CeeCee is having the best time at her horse camp.

    1. Thank you!

      What a great experience for your daughter! CeeCee loves her camp and we are going to go see her ride tomorrow!

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