It’s Not That Far

We are losing some of our oldest, closest friends this week. I have too many emotions to type, so I’m going to start with the bright side – the super awesome, fun, amazing farewell party we co-hosted last night!

We had planned to do another grilled cheese party with lawn games and such here at our house. Well, the torrential downpours we have been having, coupled with the fact that I didn’t have a fully functioning kitchen, left us with a plan b to have everyone at a local Mexican restaurant. It actually turned out perfectly – we did nothing other than show up and enjoy the guests of honor and the friends we’ve made through them and shared with them over the last 13 years.

My co-host (and former job share partner at Coke!) picked up this darling cake. Atlanta to Greenville is not THAT far. I suppose. But, no matter how you slice the cake, it is further than the same neighborhood about a mile apart.

We enjoyed a lively evening of tacos, margaritas, big beers, toasts, laughs, tears and cake.

The W’s were our next door neighbors at our previous home and then moved in the same neighborhood as us for our next homes. As families, we have honestly been there through the absolute worst of times and the best of times. Through life and death, love and loss, through start-ups and new jobs and losing jobs and leaving jobs for new things, through illness and moves and graduations and kids and pets, and so much more. We’ve shed countless tears together and held each other up in ways only few people can do. We’ve also been by each other’s sides for life’s most amazing, miraculous moments. We even lived with them for about 6 weeks between houses, which is one of the most memorable stints in our marriage! I am going to miss our at-home dinners, impromptu Thursday glasses of wine in our pjs after the kids are in bed, continued attempts to perfect savory waffles and ski waffles, long Saturday nights of playing spades, Fireball toasts, Friday nights at the pool, watching fall football on the big screen at their pool, and, most of all, knowing that there is someone just down the road that would drop everything to do anything for us. There is so much comfort in that.

I now look forward to road trips to SC and their lake house, many more ski trips, and having a real excuse to do girls trips since we can’t just run down the road and hang.

Greenville is so lucky to have them. <3

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14 thoughts on “It’s Not That Far

  1. Long time reader that had to comment on this post! I was born and raised in Atlanta, and 6 years ago moved to Greenville SC after meeting my (now) husband. I was terrified as I’d never left Atlanta and ALL of my family and friends were there. I can tell you that it’s the best move I ever could have made, and GVL is AWESOME! Bonus, it’s only a 2 hour drive, and there are so many wonderful things to do here, so you’ll love coming to visit. I know it’s tough to lose friends to a relocation, but as the cake says- it’s not that far!

    1. Thank you for sharing this! Greenville does look like an amazing city and they have found the cutest house in what seems to be a great neighborhood. We can’t wait to visit them!

  2. They are heading into my neck of the woods! Greenville is a great city with so many fun things to do and see as well as fantastic cultural events to attend. And, they will be only about an hour from the mountains and about 4 hours from the beach. I’ve lived in this area my entire life and can’t imagine being anywhere else. They will be in good hands!!

  3. Oh, friend – that’s so hard! Hoping you’re still able to see each other often in this new season! Xo

  4. My heart feels your pain..but from what I am seeing on previous posts it is not that far of a trek and what would we do without technology. Your friends are blessed to have you and your family in their life and likewise you are blessed by them. Focus on all the great memories the four of you will make in years to come.

    My hubby and I drove two hours last Friday one way for our favorite homemade ice cream.

      1. Flapdoodles Ice Cream, Rochester Mn😋

        AMAZING…worth a dry ice shipment if they will do that. My fav Rocky Road.

  5. It sounds like you gave them a nice send-off with that cute cake and all. We have a couple neighbors that we are super-close to so I understand your sadness to see yours move away. Best of luck to them and I hope you get to see them as often as possible!

  6. awww this was so sweet! so sorry your neighbors are moving! i hope you guys get to see each other often! there is a really cute lilly pulitzer store in greenville called “Pink Bee West End”. i don’t live in that area but sometimes i will order from them over the phone or online bc they will get great sales sometimes! xoxox

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