Sports in Review

We’ve wrapped up spring and summer sports and are looking ahead to fall. Whit loved playing pitcher, catcher and first base on his rec team in the spring and again on a (very low key) summer team! He is taking a break from baseball in the fall to resume tennis lessons and try golf.

John played on the junior select lacrosse team in the spring and a tournament team this summer. He loves the sport so much and has made a close network of good, smart, kind friends through lacrosse. For that alone I am thankful. He will try out for the senior select team this fall!

I’ve had these pics loaded in my draft folder for months! Tomorrow I’ll kick off August with all of the back to school things. Summer flew by!

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3 thoughts on “Sports in Review

  1. So good to see kids active. Easier to see Whit’s face; he was all in and serious. Obviously, John is dedicated to his sport too. Summer is flying by….too fast.

    1. Yes, he’s quite serious on the field! John loves his sport and has a great game face as well. :-)

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