Back to School Breakfast

Summer flew by and it is already back to school time for my boys. While the night before was comprised of a steak dinner rather than sweet story books about school and sprinkling of confetti around their bedrooms, we did kick off the morning in the same manner we have for the last nine years – with a pancake breakfast.

The kids leave at different times so I set everything up last night and Honey made all of the pancakes in one fell swoop this morning. It’s one of three morning during the school year that he jumps out of bed. haha. (The other two are their birthdays.)

You will recognize much of the decor from past years. Most of it is from the dollar bin at Target.

The only new item this year was the roll of lined paper at Target. I cut it into two place mats since I set up on the island rather than at the table.

They were both excited for the first day. Whit has a beloved 5th grade teacher and more friends in his class than ever before. John was mostly concerned with his homeroom and lunch period and seemed pleased with both.

It’s hard to believe we’ve already had 9 first day send-offs. Time flies. To all of you that have started your year, I hope things are off to a great start. And to those still enjoying summer, soak it all up!!

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