Be Kind

At the end of fourth grade, Whit’s teacher invited each student in the class to write a note to the rest of the kids. He carried them home in a paper bag and they sat in my office in a “to do something with” pile all summer. When I started preparing for the new school year, I ran across them. Before I knew it, twenty minutes had passed and my heart was overflowing with the amazingly kind words his classmates had for him.

I know that Whit read through these in class, but I wanted him to have them to easily look through on a day when he might need to hear them. I made a cover card and then punched a hole in the top of each one. A small binder ring keeps them together. He keeps them on his bedside table with his other books.

I just love that this project was FREE and is something that can be done in any classroom, church group or sports team.

John’s ELA (English Language Arts) teacher said it best at parent night last week (as best I can remember). “My hope for these kids at the end of the year is not that they know a bunch of SAT vocabulary words. Rather, I hope they know that their words have so much power. I hope they use them for good.” WOW! I honestly almost started crying right there in the eighth grade classroom. I pray that my children use their words carefully, kindly and for good.

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11 thoughts on “Be Kind

  1. This is so sweet and I love how you clipped them together so he can flip through them now and then. Best wishes for a wonderful school year for both of your boys. Mine start back next week…8th grade and 10th grade for them…where has the time gone?

  2. This is the sweetest thing ever. What a great idea to have them on his nightstand. Whit must be great at four square!:)

  3. Yes yes yes!!! Love this. Words are so powerful. When my youngest was in 5th grade, I directed the school play that year. The music teacher had the kids write thank you notes to me, and presented them to me the night of their last performance. I still have them (she is 25) and pull them out every now and then. It’s heartwarming.

  4. So sweet. Love this idea. My students return to school next week. Although I teach high school, I will be sure to incorporate this in some way!

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