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This post is long overdue but last fall my boys’ rooms were featured in the FLOR catalog! A photographer, writer and stylist came out to the house in the spring to interview me and take pictures, and then they shared all of the details in a two page spread.

Seeing your rooms in print is surreal, no matter what the medium. Their stylist added the flowers here. :-)

The interview questions were a lot of fun. And, for the record, I do love the carpet tiles we chose. None of this was sponsored – they just tracked me down and this was all a complete surprise.

Installing a FLOR Rug

Watch a video of us putting down our first FLOR rug here:

Boy Room Sources & Details

Find all of the sources and details for Whit’s room in this post:

Teen Room Sources & Details

I realized when I went to find this link that John’s room already looks different from this! I’ll add an update post to the list. :-) For now, find the sources and details of his room here:

As a thank you for opening our home to them, FLOR let me choose another set of carpet tiles. Those went in the basement and, much like John’s room, I have yet to take pictures of them. The boys have liked having them and being able to pull one up here and there has been priceless in their primary hang-out spots.

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