Halloween 2019 {Deranged Dentist Tooth Buffet & Trick or Treat}

Our cold, rainy Halloween festivities kicked off with Whit’s 5th grade class party. The other room moms and I had the BEST time planning and executing this simple, fun event – a Deranged Dentist Tooth Buffet. First things first, we got into character and surprised the class by storming in looking for great tooth specimens.

Next, we set up our Tooth Buffet. It was an allergy friendly (nut and gluten free options) array of treats for the kids to create their own snack mix. We gave each one a bag for their creation.

Here’s what we used:

  • Popcorn – skeleton teeth
  • Chex – scarecrow teeth
  • Cheetoes – zombie teeth
  • Bugles – black cat teeth
  • Pretzel sticks – witch teeth
  • Gummy worms – ghoul teeth
  • Chocolate chips – bat teeth
  • Marshmallows – ghost teeth
  • Candy corn – pumpkin teeth

You can download the free printable tags here:

Once everyone had made their snack mix, we turned out the lights and read scary stories. It was a frightfully fun party for these fifth graders!

Back at home, the rain let up and the kids donned their costumes. John headed off with identically dressed friends in a rainbow of colors. Whit trick or treated with us and family friends.

We had an inflatable t-rex costume on order all month and the delivery date inched back day by day. When we finally came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t going to come, I took him on a hunt for a backup costume. He ran across the store the minute he spied this grill full of meat and proclaimed it “PERFECT”! Hmmm…. we returned Elsa’s dinosaur costume and dressed her in the hot dog from last year. Much to Whit’s delight, she went trick or treating with us this year.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Halloween!

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4 thoughts on “Halloween 2019 {Deranged Dentist Tooth Buffet & Trick or Treat}

  1. What a wonderful Halloween, I love all your ideas (especially the treat table!)! I adore Whit and Elsa’s costume! There’s nothing better than including our pets in our Trick or Treats! So much fun and enthusiasm, it looks like an amazing day was had by everyone! Happy Halloween to you and your family!!

  2. You are just the most fun ever! Love this party idea – and Whit’s and Elsa’s costumes take the cake! xo

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