Elsa Belle

Little Elsa has been under the weather the last couple of days.

On Tuesday I thought she seemed off for much of the afternoon but didn’t put it all together until I started explaining it to Honey when he got home from work. I realized she wasn’t going up the stairs – she’s usually right underfoot – and that she hadn’t jumped on the sofa all day – her favorite spot to lounge.

We decided to see how she did Wednesday. Since I was watching her closely, I knew then that she was having trouble with her back legs. She had a cheerful personality, ate, drank and used the bathroom, but wouldn’t go up even the two stairs from the garage to the mudroom by herself.

When things hadn’t changed this morning I called the vet and took her right in. After a physical exam, x-rays and blood work, it was determined that she has inflammation in her back. She was given an anti-inflammatory injection and will be on meds with no activity for two weeks. The vet said that, while no back injury is good, Elsa’s is on the “good” end of the scale (with paralysis on the “bad” end). The source was noted simply as trauma and, given how she tears around the yard, changing direction on a dime, and slides in the leaves this time of year, I guess it’s not shocking to see how she could hurt herself.

She’s been puny since the the vet and taking the meds. I moved her bed downstairs where I work and she slept most of the day. I know she’s “just a dog”, but I love her with all my heart. The boys and Honey are all hands on deck, taking excellent care of her and smothering her with endless chin and belly scratches. I very much look forward to full healing and having my crazy baby back. She has loved me when I was at my least lovable, and never once left me unattended when I was sick. I intend to return that kindness tenfold. <3

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18 thoughts on “Elsa Belle

  1. Have a speedy recovery Miss Elsa. No, these loving gifts are not “just a dog” but a special charge we are given for an all too short time. It is our duty and privilege to care for them to the best of our ability. So glad Elsa will heal and recover and all the love and kisses will help her do so quickly.

  2. Awwww………….this post is so sweet! I knew you loved her so much even when you would not admit it! God bless Elsa and speed her recovery.
    Love, Marme

  3. Oh Elsa…you are such a sweet little girl. Sorry to read you are under the weather. You rest well and follow your vets orders. You will be back to your old self soon.
    Sending hugs…

  4. Amanda, I remember when you stated in a post that your friend mentioned to you that dogs are one of many things to us, but to them we are their everything. That has stuck with me in a powerful way, and I’ve loved our Shep (a mini-labradoodle) deeper because of it. I hope Elsa feels better soon. Side note – our first baby during the first 14 years of our marriage, a chocolate lab named Asher, tore both her doggie ACL’s from chasing tennis balls we threw with a Chuck-It. The “turning on a dime” thing is what caused it per the vet back then. She had both knees replaced and was considered to be bionic for the remaining years of her sweet life. ;-) These precious pups of ours sure do love to play and love on us, don’t they?! And boy, do we love them!

    1. That is still something I think every day with her. <3 I love your bionic dog story. Haha! They do worm their way into our hears. I never understood that until I had my own.

  5. Poor girl! I know you will take the very best care of her – sending positive thoughts and prayer for quick healing! xo

  6. I haven’t commented in a while (I’ve moved into a small patio home and trying to get the big house ready to sell, so exciting news for me!), but reading this I just had to tell you that I’m sending love and prayers to Elsa. I know how much y’all love her and she’s a part of your family. Hope she heals quickly and without any issues. Sending love on this cold, rainy day!

  7. Oh, these sweet lovies work their way right into our hearts, don’t they? Glad to know she got a “good” diagnosis and you have plenty of help caring for her. You don’t need any more stress in the next two weeks. You are always in my prayers this time of year.

  8. Our girl Jolie Blonde is a twin to Elsa…we love her so much. They are the smartest dogs. I think she understands nearly every word I say. Prayers for your sweet girl to rebound and get to feeling better soon. I know Whit has been beside himself with worry. She’s a lucky girl to be loved so well. Keep us updated!

  9. Awww… Hope she is better very, very soon! I know that this time of year is tough for your family already. Looking forward to hearing that she’s back to her regular self! ♥️

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