I Love {Rapid Egg Cooker}

When we fully emptied and cleaned out the kitchen this spring in advance of our reno, I used it as a great opportunity to donate kitchen items we weren’t using. I normally dislike buying any sort of kitchen appliance that only serves one purpose, but after listening to my parents and uncle rave about this little egg cooker, I finally caved.

It is $15 on Amazon and is tiny enough to easily tuck in a cabinet. I eat a boiled egg on my daily lunch salad, and the boys sometimes grab them as a quick snack. The rapid egg cooker does them PERFECTLY every time and peeling them is a dream. You can make them soft or hard boiled.

There is a separate insert tray for scrambled eggs that turn out more like omelettes. I have been loving this for a quick, hearty breakfast before school. For Whit, I whisk up two eggs with some water (new tip from a friend!) and have them cook up while I make his lunch. For John, who eats like a ravenous animal, I do two eggs served on a toasted bagel with cheese and tomato.

There is a third tray for poached eggs but I don’t eat them so I can’t speak to that. :-) The only negative I have discovered is the horrendous alarm sound it makes when the timer is done. There is ZERO chance you will overcook anything in this.

This would be a great Christmas gift for someone with a small kitchen space or just a good kitchen addition for busy mornings or older kids to cook on their own.

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6 thoughts on “I Love {Rapid Egg Cooker}

  1. Nice! I wish both my boys liked eggs.

    I found steaming eggs makes peeling them much easier. I also make egg whites (buy by the pint) in a silicon tray in my pressure cooker.

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