Twas the Night Before Christmas

Well friends, we made it! Just one day ’til Christmas!

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is when Daddy-O reads Twas the Night Before Christmas. Each person starts with a wrapped gift (these are not expensive items… a $5 maximum and most less than that.) Every time he says the word “and”, you pass your gift to the left. At the end of the story you keep the gift you’re holding! The biggest hits this year were the Dos card game (a spin on Uno), a kitchen timer (Jay got it and timed us doing various things for the duration of Christmas), a six pack of mini Cokes (CeeCee got that and was quite pleased), and lottery tickets (every bag had a $1-2 scratch off). Mother and I usually shop for all 10 gifts and have such a fun time doing so. It is HARD to pick 10 things that would be age and gender appropriate no matter what you get!

We didn’t have cookies for Santa, but one of Mother’s chocolate chip muffins and a Coke (CeeCee insisted)

With the kids in bed, the adults cranked up the Christmas music, opened the scotch and bubbly and had our annual wrapping fest. Daddy-O, of course, slept in his chair while Mother refilled drinks, put out snacks and scurried around in search of things like tape and scissors. :-)

Merry Christmas Eve, y’all!

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