A Harder Working Office

Change is afoot at home and I am excited to share. I try to not change things just for the sake of changing them – I have enough actual things to do on my plate without creating additional work! However, since I transitioned from part time at Coke to full time at home as a Disney focused travel advisor, I have finally come to terms with the fact that our lovely little family office was no longer working hard enough for our family. I didn’t have a proper desk, and have moved between the kitchen table and sofa for my work the past 2.5 years. It was finally time to set up a proper work space!

You can see the “before” of our family office in this post:

family office

If you’re interested, the “before the before” was our playroom:

I’m not changing the overall colors, look and feel and decor. Instead, I am simply removing the “sitting space” and adding a desk.

The boys still use their built in desks quite frequently, so I couldn’t just move in there. (March 2016. Sniff sniff.. where are my babies?!)

This is a work in progress. The chair on the right and coffee table need to go. I LOVE these chairs and have had them since I first designed Matthew’s nursery so I’m going to store it in the attic. The coffee table was also from our old house, and I am going to swap it out with the living room coffee table to make a call on which one I keep and which one I sell.

The desk is from Wayfair. I hunted for quite while before I found one that fit my space and looked nice in the room. It is the Marianna 1 Drawer Writing Desk.

Right now I am using one of the boys’ desk chairs, but I have a new one ordered. After living with my desk for a few days, I decided I can also fit in a credenza behind it for more storage. That is also on the way.

At any rate, I’ll have more to share in the next week or two! When I posted a snippet on Instagram, I got a ton of messages from people wanting more details!

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4 thoughts on “A Harder Working Office

  1. Love your new faux bamboo inspired working desk! I am amazed how much it looks like my vintage 60’s Drexel faux bamboo dining table. I know you will enjoy it and get many good years of use from it.

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