Atlanta {Neiman Marcus Cafe Lenox}

I met up with bestie E for lunch Friday at one of our favorite Atlanta places – the NM Cafe at Lenox. By “favorite” I don’t mean because we always go to this exact location, rather because we have dined in Nordstrom and Neiman cafes in multiple states and over chicken salad and fruit countless times over the years. :-) They are always quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the mall, and have fantastic service. Other than during the busiest shopping time of the year, you can walk right in. However, you can make reservations here as well.

Lunch here always starts with the most delicious popover with strawberry butter and consomme. I think this is my favorite part of the meal, outside of just hanging with a friend that’s known me pretty much forever. <3

Featuring upscale-casual cuisine served in a bright and modern atmosphere. From fresh She-Crab Soup to sumptuous sandwiches and seasonally-inspired entrées. Expect delectable dishes and the exceptional service that continue to be a tradition at Neiman Marcus.

The only main course I’ve ever had here is the mandarin orange souffle. It comes with chicken salad, almonds, seasonal fruit, and the sweet bread of the day.

After our lunch I popped in Draper James. I couldn’t resist driving past. They had a stocked sale rack and so many cute things in so many sizes. I got a darling jean jacket for my upcoming trip to Disneyland.

Hope your weekend is fabulous! Ours is absolutely frigid!

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