Atlanta {Skate in the Sky at Ponce City Roof}

We wrapped up Christmas vacation with a fabulous, fun filled adult night out at The Roof at Ponce City Market, Skyline Park and Skate in the Sky! This rooftop amusement park is adult only in the evening and we pretty much had it to ourselves with the blustery winds and chilly temps.

However, that didn’t detract from the fun. We donned the furry white trench coat jackets (provided) and channeled our inner child.

The men busied themselves with carnival games (skeeball, break a plate, etc.), while the ladies had fortunes read, screamed down the slide and enjoyed the rides.

We were able to reserve an elusive roof top igloo at the Skate in the Sky rink. It was SO.MUCH.FUN. Our reservation gave us two hours to eat, drink and chat while overlooking the Atlanta skyline.

We shared dishes like chili bowls, chips and dips and loaded baked potatoes. The menu had a great variety of hot toddies, which were welcome on this cold night!

We ended our time on the roof with ice skating!

It was honestly one of the most enchanting, fun evenings out in recent memory! Fingers crossed we can score an igloo next year to kick off 2021!

Ponce City Market doesn’t have any TVs for sports watching, so we headed wrapped up our evening back at the Battery at Sports & Social to catch the second half of the Patriots game. Two of our six were pretty disappointed with the outcome. The rest of us were just there for the snacks. :-)

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2 thoughts on “Atlanta {Skate in the Sky at Ponce City Roof}

  1. That looks fantastic, especially the igloo and no crowd! 🐑🐏🐑 What a perfect time to go.

    Quick question, simple curiosity…when do you take down your Christmas decorations? (I saw the cinnamon hearts at CVS yesterday but resisted, only because I still need to sort my gift wrap and put it away!) 😄❤😮

    Happy New Year to you and your family. ❤

    1. It was!! Don’t hate, but my Christmas decorations come down by 12/27. Since they go up the first week of November and I really just want time to relax after Christmas, I take them down ASAP. I have not been to a store in days so I haven’t yet purchased my cinnamon hearts. haha!

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