Christmas & Other Random Musings

I’ve taken down the Christmas decorations and finally unpacked suitcases and gifts. If you live in a house with boys, you will appreciate that food is only safe with your name on it. Scratch that – it is only potentially safe. No food is ever safe.

My Christmas had a lot of games and books. They know me well! I’ll do full reviews when we’ve had a chance to play the games a few more times. We’ve been working on the puzzle all week and it’s a fun one!

Mother put together these boxes for Sister and me for Christmas and I have enjoyed it so much!! It was particularly thoughtful because neither of us buy these sorts of things for ourselves.

With all the current Star Wars rage – movies, lands, cartoons, etc. – I crack up pretty much daily ever since I saw this.

Yallllllllllll…. what is wrong with me?! I am trying to get back in a good routine but them here I am downing cookies. When those were gone I made a cake. I haven’t made a cake in ages other than for a particular occasion.

Middle schoolers. Elementary schoolers. All the same…

Whit started 2020 back to school “tired of sandwiches.” I’ve been sending hot lunches all week (you know… all two days of it). A quick tip is to fill your thermos with hot water while you prepare whatever is going inside. Pour it out (and dry if you aren’t putting in soup) and then add the food. It goes a long way in keeping it hot!

I saw these somewhere and saved it to my phone. I love it so much. I think I’m going to make something inspired by it for my boys rooms.

Hope you’re easing back in to the swing of things! I just had to dive in head first.

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One thought on “Christmas & Other Random Musings

  1. My children loved when I sent hot dogs to school in a thermos…. In the morning I would pour boiling water into the thermos add a couple of hotdogs straight from the fridge, add hotdog buns, chips and little packages of mustard and ketchup I save when we eat fast food and the dogs were warm and cooked by lunch time. They thought mom was a gourmet cook!

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