Every Last Bit of the Candle

I have had this wax warmer outlet plug for years! I have been asked about it a couple of times since our kitchen update, although I had it long before that, and lost track of this post with all of the other house posts between Halloween and Christmas.

I like it because I don’t have the worry of a lit candle when I’m all over the house and want the scent but don’t need the ambiance. I save evenings for a lit candle when everyone is home to enjoy.

For wax, I always save the left overs after a candle has burned out. I simply pop the candle in the freezer for a day (or week). Once you take it out, it is quite easy to break up with the end of a knife or by stabbing with scissors. I remove the metal prong that held the wick and store the wax in a zip top snack bag.

For my Disney loving friends, my long-time favorite place to purchase wax melts was Spireside Candles. (affiliate) They put my favorite scent (Clover Fields) in “the vault” and now it is only available by subscription. I personally hate subscription anything so I’m savoring the last few I have of that scent. I also have many others by then, both in candle and wax form, and find them to be very fragrant and burn nicely.

My outlet plug was from Hobby Lobby. I found two similar options on Amazon (affiliate).

With that, I’m off to squeeze in a walk before middle school carpool! Anyone else feel like all you’re doing these days is “squeezing in” things?!

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6 thoughts on “Every Last Bit of the Candle

  1. Magic Candle Company has the Yacht and Beach Club scent (clover and aloe) that is spot on. I have had the Spireside Clover Fields and this is their version. (and it beats it by far IMHO). The melts are great but their oils are Ah~MAY~zing!!!! And very inexpensive! I diffuse them at home and in my classroom everyday.

    1. I have looked at Magic Candle I just didn’t love their tins :-) But now that Spireside doesn’t have that scent I can be convinced!

  2. I have three of these around different areas of my house and I love them too. But thank you for the tip about the “leftover” candle wax, I will be trying that soon.
    Stay warm and dry!!

  3. Are you kidding? There’s no time to squeeze anything in. Middle school (and it’s associated clubs, activities, sports, required fine arts programs – concerts, performances, practices, etc.) is an endless time suck. We don’t have a single night off. It’s go, go, go from 5:30am to 9pm every.single.day. I’m so done with Middle school….

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