January Front Porch, House Lists and the Ring Doorbell

I looked for a long time for the perfect thing for our front door in those winter weeks between Christmas and Valentine’s Day before finding this Have Mercy cross last year. I love it so much that I will use it again for Easter in the Spring.

Mother helped me plant the rosemary in my garden pots back at Thanksgiving. I moved them up here for a few months until I can get my Spring ferns.

I chose “peace” and requested that the owner/artist, Elizabeth Warner, add turquoise and tan to the typically all white cross. I love the white and gold for winter. I attached it to a boxwood wreath but have also hung it straight on the door.

If I zoom out a little you can see that my boxwood didn’t make it. I painstakingly cut out the dead spots last summer in hopes it would grow back. Womp womp. We usually make our home improvement “bucket list” around this time of year and that is definitely going on it. 2020’s list is quite exciting (NOT) with maintenance things like wood rot repair, a ceiling repair in the dining room, new exterior paint and some landscaping clean up.

Over on the side door I have my Bronwyn Hanahan cross this January. I took these photos at the golden hour and there is definitely a gold tinge to them.

Oh, and you might have noticed our Ring doorbells. Honey purchased them for Daddy-O (on black Friday for his Christmas) but then we found out with our super sleuthing methods that he wasn’t in the least interested. And so, up they went on our house. I’ll be frank and say that all they’ve done so far is drive me batty with alerts… Christmas garlands and bows, Elsa, the boys that are constantly in and out, etc. The only thing I’ve really enjoyed is the “neighborhood” commentary on the Ring app and seeing all the crazy things people post, share, question and call out. Now that’s been v. entertaining. FYI… I think you can get the app without even having a doorbell.

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5 thoughts on “January Front Porch, House Lists and the Ring Doorbell

  1. Amanda,
    Your 2020 to-do lists sounds very similar to ours. Painting the exterior of our house and replacing some rot in the process. One of my best friends was having a Ring system installed before Christmas so I will be curious to get her feedback but I can where it drive you batty when their are kids coming and going, pets, etc.

  2. Your doors look pretty! We just had our Ring installed yesterday and I know what you mean about the alerts. We get a ton of deer around here so they kept setting off the alerts. I just turned the chimes to silent on my app for now. I’ll probably play around with it a bit to see what works for us. I know I will be thankful to have the Ring whenever we are away. We also had a security camera set up on the garage to face the driveway too. My husband thinks its overkill but I like having the peace of mind! Enjoy your weekend!

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