January Junk Out Jamboree 2020

My second annual January Junk Out Jamboree is in full swing. I haven’t been super diligent about cleaning something every single day, but I am making progress nonetheless.

Like last year, I made a list of 31 spaces to tackle. I find doing it this way is so much more manageable and motivating. My list goes into my notebook that never leaves my sight. Mother and Sister always joke about stealing it and reading everything I’ve jotted down. :-) I have lists for everything under the sun.

Here is my 2020 list:

  1. garage cabinets and lockers
  2. garage closets
  3. mudroom
  4. kitchen cabinets
  5. kitchen pantry
  6. kitchen lights (basically dust and clean the bulbs)
  7. hall closet
  8. den baskets and lights
  9. dining room light
  10. polish silver
  11. living room cabinets and desk
  12. office closet
  13. office drawers and cabinets
  14. porch
  15. john’s closet
  16. john’s drawers and desk
  17. whit’s closet
  18. whit’s drawers and secretary
  19. guest room closet
  20. guest room drawers and armoire
  21. master closet
  22. master drawers
  23. fridge in kitchen and garage
  24. master bath
  25. boy’s bath
  26. guest bath cabinets
  27. attic
  28. basement cabinets
  29. basement storage room
  30. my car and purse
  31. laundry room

Do you do an annual cleaning challenge like this? I used to do mine at lent, but was motivated to start in January last year and loved getting off on a fresh, clean start!

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6 thoughts on “January Junk Out Jamboree 2020

  1. I do something more similar to yours. I just make a list of the things I want to go through and get after it in January. I am being ruthless this year!

  2. Yes! I do the same and it’s such a good feeling! I have a totally empty guest closet, spotless pantry, immaculate car right now…Why don’t they ever stay this way?

  3. Nice!
    I do this occasionally. But little by little over the year.

    Honestly, now I need to be more mindful of what I consume/bring into my house.
    It’s the reason I never offered goodie bags for parties. Less junk for al

    1. YES! I agree. I try to also be mindful of wasting money on things that will end up in the trash! Rather than party goodie bags, we did a box of candy from the dollar tree for Whit this year.

  4. Although I don’t make lists, I do like to de-clutter, purge and clean each room in January after all the Christmas décor has been taken down and put back in storage. I tackled the linen closet in our master bathroom last Saturday and packed up some older linens and towels.
    I give my towels that are starting to show wear to my son for bathing/grooming his dog and donate linens to shelters, etc. I like to stock up on new white towels each January during the white sales and especially love the Peacock Alley towels that Tuesday Morning carries.

    I must admit that I hate cleaning out drawers so that truly is a challenge!

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