Mother’s Birthday

Today we are celebrating my beautiful mother, “Marme” as we have always called her, on her birthday! I so wish we could be there in person, but I am grateful for the time we had at Christmas and then at my cousin’s wedding. In celebration, Mother went to see Little Women AND slept in until about 9AM (both of which sound amazing!)

Sorry, Sister…. I didn’t have one with you in the girl pic. :-)
Mother and her big sister!

With her birthday so close to Christmas, shopping for her can be a challenge! This year I made a genius move that I didn’t even realize until after the fact. :-) I took her into a local boutique when she was visiting at Thanksgiving. I made a mental note of the things she lingered around, tried on, etc. and went back and bought them all for her gifts. Ha! (Be careful what you say you like when its close to the holidays, right?!) In all seriousness, I thought they were perfect for her and wanted to share.

I chose a cardigan from Barefoot Dreams for Christmas. She LOVES cozy sweaters and always has something in her pocket. I loved that this one transitioned so well from lounge wear at home to casual wear in public. She’s been wearing it non stop since Christmas day, so I’m calling this one a success!

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardi

For her birthday, I left the gift tucked away in my closet at home. She was so excited to open it today! I chose a small charmeuse silk pillowcase that she has literally been eyeing for MONTHS. I can’t recall the brand, but I’m sure she will chime in. I paired it with a pair of Barefoot Dreams socks.

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Socks

I hope I am half as beautiful, bright, selfless, energetic, fun and creative as Mother is in my seventies.  I say all the time that I can’t believe that God chose me to be mother to John and Whit.  I don’t say enough that I also can’t believe that God chose me to have a mom like Mother.  I must be the luckiest girl in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Birthday

  1. Oh you darling girl, what a lovely tribute. I wish I was half of what your comments indicated. You made me cry, but it was tears of joy! I am indeed the lucky one. The silk charmeuse is travel pillow sized, and the brand is Branche’. I love it and used it last night. Mmmm like sleeping on a cloud. It is 100% silk, made from mulberry silk fibers. Such a treat. And that Barefoot Dreams sweater is so divine. I love them both. You were spot-on with these gifts!
    Love and Kisses, Marme

  2. Happy belated birthday, Queen Mother! ❤🍦👑🍦🤗 May you and your loved ones be blessed with great joy, health and lovely moments in 2020.

    I am truly enjoying all of your Instagram posts!! Thank you for sharing your creativity, humor and home life. 🐯 Please keep doing it! 🌹🌹


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