The Word of the Lord {Printable Teen Scripture Reference Guide}

John attends a weekly youth group meeting and confirmation prep at church. He carried home a wonderful scripture reference guide a couple of weeks ago. I finally sat down and put everything into a smaller, two sided page that fits inside his bible.

The page covers a variety of topics relevant to teens and I thought it was wonderful. We spent some time together over the last couple of weeks reading through them and chose our favorites to paraphrase. You can find a free download of our sheet here. I printed it two sided on regular paper and then cut it down to about a 5×7 size.

Because he always has his phone within arm’s reach, and his Bible is usually sitting on his desk at home, I also set up a “card” for each topic and saved them to an album we share on our phones.

I thought he could easily use this in conjunction with his Catholic Bible app. If you’re curious, this is the one we both have on our phones. It directly matches the New American Bible Revised Edition. It does cost $3. There are many free apps as well.

If you’d like each individual picture card, they are all here. I am hoping you can right click on them and save them to your computer as jpgs, if desired.

I have not yet shared these with Whit, feeling he is a little young, but do think they are perfect for teens and address tough topics like sexuality, dating, anger, etc.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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