Be Mine {Valentine’s Door Hanger}

We finally made it to February and I promptly put out my favorite Bronwyn Hanahan Be Mine door hanger!  I particularly love it because of the cheerful pinks and reds in what is usually a dreary month in Atlanta.

We’ve been getting quotes to have some very non-glamorous work done around here this year – fixing rotted wood, painting the exterior and a little landscape maintenance. Yuck! Our house is actually constructed of wood – not siding – and the last paint job we had did not last. As much as I had hoped I could save the boxwood I started lamenting last spring, it is now obvious that it has to go. I’m going to zoom out on the photo above and show you real life v. internet life. Not so pretty, right?!

You might have noticed that I have both dogs back in action!! Honey was able to repair the one that Elsa broke in half while in pursuit of a chipmunk.

Let me show you the other side now. Again, perfection is usually just an illusion. :-)

I have a few little Valentine’s touches inside that I’ll share this week! I hope your February is off to a great start.

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8 thoughts on “Be Mine {Valentine’s Door Hanger}

  1. Love your adorable Valentine door hanger! I was so ready to say goodbye to January I actually hung my Valentine heart shaped wreath on the front door a few days before February. You mentioned having to paint your house this year and this is something we also have planned but I certainly cant complain because our existing paint has held up wonderful.

    In fact, it was last painted 15 years ago! We have wood siding as well and had some siding replaced back in 2009 due to some rot. I am not sure what paint you used but we had wonderful performance out of Sherwin-Williams Super Paint.

    1. Thank you for sharing! Our painter brought out someone from Sherwin Williams TODAY to look at the house and help figure out why it looks so bad already.

  2. I have a really large rabbit beside our kitchen door. It weighs well over 100 pounds and as I was moving it several years ago I broke off both ears. I was so upset!! I tried all sorts of repairs and finally got them to stay on, but ended up painting it to help hide the fracture. So glad Honey was able to repair your faithful front porch pooch!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Thanks for sharing the real life versions of your perfection. I love your decorating, but really love that you share the realistic parts of it too.

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