Easter Welcome

In previous years, I feel like Spring just sprung. This year, I witnessed tiny buds unfold to leaves and flowers and everything is green and hopeful. I was eager to put my Easter decor out just as soon as St. Patrick’s day was over.

I’m using my Have Mercy cross attached it to a boxwood wreath (from Target, approximately 24″.) You can read more about my cross, and the mini matching version inside, in THIS POST.

You might have noticed the paint swatches on the side of the house. I’ll zoom out and show you the full hot mess. Dead shrub, paint swatches and paint chipped off. We are preparing to paint the house this spring and have these two boxwoods replaced afterwards. I am really put out that it didn’t hold up at all. I’ll share more on the new colors soon.

I’ve had these two rust bunnies for years and still put them out!

I already have two new ferns in my pots. It is my favorite look, all year long. They should last me until Christmas.

Over at the side door, I have the bunny door hanger that Mother made me years ago. I also spent time this weekend refreshing my pots.

I couldn’t resist how sweet this baby looked when I was taking my pictures this morning. Don’t be fooled. Two minutes later she caught a chipmunk and it took three of us to remedy the situation.

Like all of you, this Easter is going to be so different than what I had hoped. I hope that you and yours are well and as safe as you can be. I will keep sharing the positive, cheerful things around here, but know that is just the part I choose to share. <3

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8 thoughts on “Easter Welcome

  1. Thank you for your post. In Calgary we have snow (it was -25 with the windchill last night) and more coming Friday ☹️ . I enjoyed seeing your beautiful spring weather and lovely decor. So encouraging! Keep up the good work. I read your blog everyday

    1. Yikes! Spring has been encouraging here. We didn’t have snow this year and my kids missed that. Of course, our ski trip was cancelled (originally leaving 4/4) and my trip through Canada (ending in Calgary!) was cancelled for the end of April. Thank you for reading Stay well. <3

  2. I have always loved your “Have Mercy” wreath and we sure need that more than ever at this time. Cant wait to see what colors you choose for your exterior painting. We have friends who own a boxwood farm in NC and I heard them speak of the disease they common get. I wasn’t sure if that’s what happened to yours?

    1. Yes, some sort of disease. I cut out all the bad part and hoped it would recover but it never did.

    1. Yes! I’ve had all of them for at least 10 years (they moved with us) and every other year or so I paint them. I had to use what I had this year so a satin black rustoleum. I usually would do a flat.

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