Georgia On My Mind Teacher Appreciation Lunch

The big event for our elementary school hospitality committee was the teacher appreciation luncheon! I am SO thankful that our teacher appreciation week fell before the school closures in early February. We went with a Georgia On My Mind theme and the whole event turned out wonderfully.

Our group usually spends the bulk of our time figuring out what the tables will look like. Since there are so many, they make a big impact. We lined the tables with green gingham paper (source) and put hydrangeas (source) in mason jars for centerpieces. We personalized Coke’s with the school name and year (source) as a take-home for each staff member. The peach cookies were from a mom at the school and the place mats were copies of a print one of the girls on the committee had.

While I call this a “teacher appreciation lunch”, the entire staff is invited and celebrated! Parent volunteers cover the classrooms for two hours so that the staff can gather and eat.

As they enter the room, each person chose a gift. For the ladies, they had the option of a Catstudio zipper pouch or dishtowel in the Georgia print. For the men, we went local with Home Depot gift cards.

Lunch was catered by one of my personal favorites and Atlanta staple, Jim ‘n Nicks BBQ. They do a phenomenal job at large events, setting everything up, serving and then cleaning. Not to mention, it is DELICIOUS!

Just like for the welcome back lunch in the fall, we had a cute photo booth set up in the corner! We brought pillows from our homes and used some of the table covering to make a backdrop. One of our team made the darling peach balloon banner!

Finally, the raffle gifts!!! We had so many amazing items from local shops and boutiques, as well as a few trips to give away.

It was such a special event and one that I looked forward to all year.

It just may be my last event at elementary school, as it is looking doubtful we will be back. Whit’s teacher had a zoom call with the class yesterday and I had to step out of the room to quietly shed a few tears. Seeing his huge smile at seeing his classmates and teacher just reiterated how hard this situation is on everyone. She didn’t even try to teach them – she just talked to them and let them talk to each other. It was so good for his soul. <3

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5 thoughts on “Georgia On My Mind Teacher Appreciation Lunch

  1. First, as a Georgia gal, I LOVE this! I especially love the placemats. I have that same Catstudio GA dish towel proudly hanging in my kitchen. Secondly, you mentioned the gifts from local shops & boutiques, and I just want to encourage everyone to please show some love to your local businesses during these hard times. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant or bakery, order a gift card or something from local stores, etc. :)

  2. Wow! That is an amazing way to celebrate your teachers. Those were some sweet raffle prizes!!!! Lucky teachers at your school. I live in Augusta and have that same Masters pillow.

  3. I know this has to such a difficult time for educators, students and parents alike. The Governor of Virginia has closed schools for the remainder of the year. I truly feel sorry for all the high school seniors who will have no senior prom, graduation and final goodbyes. I am hoping the school systems can have a delayed graduation for seniors.

    I love all the Georgia themed door prizes and gifts for the teacher appreciation luncheon. The pillows for the raffle were beautiful and I have seen similar ones here in Richmond (VA) with some of our states famous landmarks and cities. The ones I have seen in local giftshops and boutiques are rather pricey but very well made.

    1. I know… my next door neighbor is a senior and my heart breaks for her. So far we are still cancelled “indefinitely”. I hope we can go back at least for a week or two at the end of May. <3

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