“School Night” Supper {Corned Beef Sandwiches}

One of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day dinners each year is corned beef sandwiches! We enjoyed it this year on our first night of “e-learning” so I suppose that qualifies as a school night.

I realize it seems like this is turning into a food blog. I assure you, it isn’t :-) I just had a lot of fun meals and snacks on the docket this past week. We’re back to normal on March 18.

I cook the corned beef brisket in the crock pot all day, according to the package directions and using the seasoning included. Add a little deli swiss cheese and serve with festively colored sides for an easy week night meal!

Speaking of “e-learning”, day 1 went well as far as I’m concerned. John locked himself in his room to do his work. I asked if he finished and if he needed anything and I got two words: yes and no. For my younger student, it took us 40 minutes to figure out how to log in. I set him up on the island and I worked at the other counter. At 72 minutes in, I looked up and my student was GONE! I suppose he had tiptoed out of the kitchen through the dining room. I have no idea how long he had been missing while the computer was playing a video about circuits. :-)

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3 thoughts on ““School Night” Supper {Corned Beef Sandwiches}

  1. Too funny about Whit. 😂 We start online next week. Sophie, who is same age as John, is NOT looking forward to it.

  2. This is the best part about cooking a brisket!

    I’ve had my students escape many times over the years – very adept at getting away! 😀 xo

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