Top o’ the Morning Breakfast Delivery

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Top o’ the Morning!

Since we enjoyed our Lucky Leprechaun Brunch on Sunday, I surprised the family with delivery of our favorite treat this morning… Krispy Kreme!!!

You’ll recognize all of the same festive table additions from this past weekend (and past years for that matter). That roll of wrapping paper has been getting a workout this past week.

If you have something special in the coming days (weeks?) that you might have celebrated out, I think a delivery of a special treat right to your house is a festive idea. I do wish our local donut shop was offering delivery because I am trying to support small businesses more than ever right now.

At any rate, the boys were excited to get something they thought they wouldn’t have until we resume life as normal. I have to admit, there’s nothing like a hot Krispy Kreme on a regular day, much less in these times.

This is a wrap on a St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I planned Shepard’s Pie for dinner, but we have plenty of leftovers at the moment and the meat for that is still frozen. Honey and I WILL be having our own little happy hour on the driveway with a Guinness at 5PM. Our neighborhood is planning to step outside into their driveways to offer a friendly wave and cheers from a distance. I’m not sure if the idea has really caught on yet, so it very well be the two of us. I’m okay with that too :-). These are strange times.

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2 thoughts on “Top o’ the Morning Breakfast Delivery

  1. Blessings to you, Amanda. Thanks for sharing your expertise and creativity! Your daily posts are refreshing and a treat!

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