Elsa’s 5th Barkday Celebration + Reese’s Bunny Cereal

Elsa’s 5th Barkday Celebration

Our precious Elsa Belle celebrated her fifth barkday yesterday!!! Whit made her the most darling dog bones to celebrate. We poured through all the cookie cutter options and picked out a perfect set for our little pup girl.

We’ve made these many times before. They are super easy and always turn out nicely!

Dog Bone Recipe

Working with what we had, I dug out some party hats, a cute runner and pom poms in lieu of confetti. We’ve had the Coton Colors bone mini attachment for our Happy Everything pieces since we got Elsa.

Our party was schedule for 6:30 PM and Sister’s family joined in via Facetime!

We sang to the girl and then made bets on which cookie she’d choose. She went for a bow. :-)

You can see Jay and CeeCee tuned in here. It was so sweet of them to join. I miss my family!

Reese’s Bunny Breakfast

In other news, I was inspired to set a cute table with items sent by General Mills! Their limited Edition Reese’s Puff were a fun treat for Spring Break at home. (I tried to save up some fun activities and treats to enjoy when it became clear we weren’t going skiing!)

The boys have been waking up on their own schedules so I simply set the table and had the pitcher of milk ready.

Speaking of meals, the boys have a new-found interest in cooking. It’s been a real practice in patience for me but they are having a great time. They’ve been whipping up gourmet eggs, amazing pressed sandwiches, fruit and veggie smoothies and more. My stainless pans sit in a constant rotation of having something soaked out of them but it seems like a small price to pay. :-)

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4 thoughts on “Elsa’s 5th Barkday Celebration + Reese’s Bunny Cereal

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, this makes me happy and sad at the same time! I wish Daddy-O and I had been there to celebrate! He would have been fussing the whole time and I would have been hugging the angels the whole time, and having some littlest angel sit on my lap!
    Hugs and Kisses, Marme

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