An At Home Easter {Donut Delivery, Our Cross & Decorating Eggs}

We had an unconventional Good Friday here, full of Easter fun and celebrations.

Krispy Kreme Spring Minis

I scheduled delivery of Krispy Kreme’s darling Spring minis for the morning. We also had donuts delivered on St. Patrick’s Day and I will say, Krispy Kreme has added a lot of fun, color and happiness to our holidays!

Easter Cross

Not long afterwards, I received a message from a friend that her family had blessed ours with an Easter cross. The tears just poured from my eyes reading that. Since then, they have popped up all over our neighborhood. A local cabinet maker is delivering them to help keep busy. We paid it forward and sent a cross to bestie M, who sent one to her dad, who sent one to his brother and so on and so forth. We spent a little time this afternoon with all of us scouring the yard for clippings to add to it.

Decorating Easter Eggs

The boys asked me a couple of weeks ago if we were dyeing eggs and, while unexpected, I was more than happy to make that happen. We decorated them just like Sister and I used to as kids – by using crayons to draw on them and then putting them in the dye. All four of us participated and I can barely stand to crack them up to devil them. :-)

You can probably guess which few are mine. Honey, surprisingly, did the monograms. The boys tried a variety of techniques to get different colors and put uber traditional things on them like “sup bruh” and “What’s 10+9 (21)”. Ha!

A friend dropped off a trio of Golden Road beers for me. This one was SO good and so cute!

It was a “good” Good Friday. Looking forward to celebrating at home through the rest of the weekend. Happy Easter!

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