New Exterior Paint Update & Life Lately

My painters are still hard at work on the exterior! This week brought a lot of rain, and there was a ton of prep work involved in scraping, sanding and replacing wood rot. I wanted to check in with a quick progress picture!

Our color choices:

The boys will be working on refreshing the pine straw all weekend and I’ll hopefully have a new “After” to show next week!

Life Lately

On a different note, cousin Jay used his own money to surprise my boys with a pizza delivery tonight!! They were SO beyond excited (first pizza delivery of the pandemic!) Jay is literally the sweetest kid and his thoughtfulness was touching. Sister said he poured through the Papa John’s menu and picked out items he knew they would love – pizza, jalapeno popper bread and a Dr. Pepper for each. <3

I had a zoom call with some coworkers today. It is so nice and reassuring every time we chat. If you know a travel agent, send them a big virtual hug… they could probably use it. <3

Honey continues to talk on the phone for 8-10 hours a day. I knew he worked hard, but having him right here at home where I bear witness to it has been enlightening. The man works HARD. He keeps saying he needs a day off, and I can see why. I’m trying to think of a nice, at home “day off” idea for next week. But then, my idea of a day off and his are two entirely different things. (Anyone want to spread pine straw? Anyone? Haha!)

School is barely happening here. I almost feel shameful admitting that. I know it is being done differently all over the country but school became “optional” for us after Spring Break. John is continuing in his two high school level classes but I can’t speak to what’s happening in the rest. (eek) If you’ve followed along here for any time at all and have a sense of Whit’s personality, you’ll know that home school is not his cup of tea. (double eek) He has kept up in math, completes all PE assignments, and loves doing any sort of hands on activities from the teacher’s daily blog (science experiments with typical kitchen supplies, interviewing us about 9/11, watching Hidden Figures to learn about the space race, etc.) With both of us working at home, keeping school running at 100% became hard to find motivation for as soon as it became optional. I give him a life lesson each day…. how to fold sheets, how to address and stamp an envelope, how to grill a steak (that was Honey), how to dead head flowers, etc.. I don’t think any of that will go far in sixth grade, but they are useful things to know nonetheless.

I hope you and yours had a great Thursday.

Puzzle of the Day

Yesterday’s answer: earth day = 5, tree = 4, recycle triangle = 8, earth = 6

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10 thoughts on “New Exterior Paint Update & Life Lately

  1. Please do a post about the “life lessons” you’ve got – even just a list… we started doing the same thing here (our school isn’t optional but also doesn’t fill a day) and trying to come up with some valuable fillers with the time we wouldn’t normally have at home. We learned car washing, laundry folding, dishwasher loading (my way! haha) but I bet you have some great ones I could add.

  2. Hi! Hope you are safe. It makes me sad to hear that school has become optional. I am a teacher and I teach live Reading/Language Arts/EFL (Extended Foreign Language) to both my classes daily. It makes me sad to see my students through a screen and to listen to them constantly ask about the reopening of schools but they always bring a smile to my face with their stories, antics, and lovely excitement for interactive games with their classmates and virtual field trips.

    1. Our school system is just not equipped to reach virtually and many students don’t have access to a device or internet. :-(. It makes me sad too.

  3. I love how your house is coming along – so pretty! Wow – optional school…don’t let my kids hear that! Ha! Actually, online schooling has been going fine for us. Our schools issue chromebooks anyway so both boys were already used to submitting work online. Now school starts at 9 am in their rooms but I let them sleep in if they want. Basically, they have to just complete their assignments by the end of the day and do an attendance check in. I am sure you are as sad as I am about our 8th graders missing all the fun activities at the end of the year…dance, picnic, class trip…and especially graduation. Our school hasn’t officially made a decision on graduation yet since our school year ends in mid-June but it doesn’t look too promising. We are in NJ after all…ugh. Hope you all stay safe and healthy!

  4. School for my girls (8th/11th grades) is optional, too, and let’s just say their Summer break is gonna be a long one. The 11th grader is still studying for her AP tests, but the 8th grader is working on her sleep and learning whatever new dance is on tiktok 🙃

  5. Thank you for always having having a wonderful blog; almost made it to Savannah in March but had a fall, darn it. My daughter and I were going to spend a week sharing the time between Savannah and Charleston. It would have been our third visit to Charleston.

    Just a quick comment from Ontario in Canada, why is your Georgia unable to provide satisfactory internet home schooling? I will be interested in reading your reply. 🇨🇦

  6. Our kids are each responsible for planning and preparing one meal each week. They are also learning auto maintenance like checking air in tires, checking/adding oil. We have been working a little at a time to declutter our house. Our optional home schooling is not too strong either. My high schooler is keeping up her AP History class and her 2 Cambridge classes, but not too much focus in her other 5 classes. My 8th grader is keeping up Math and ELA classes because he can improve last quarter’s grades with them. But his other classes aren’t really a main focus either.

  7. Your home is looking lovely, friend –
    Love watching it all come together. And that Jay Bird – how sweet! Such a fun, thoughtful idea. 🖤

  8. Wow – definitely don’t tell my boys school is optional somewhere. They’d go into orbit. :) Like one of the other commenters above our school district issues chromebooks and school has moved virtual. The teachers record their lesson for the week and then send them out on Monday. Work is due Sunday. They are taking grades, tests, you name it but the kids can work at their own pace throughout the week. My boys actually prefer the online school as they have WAAYYYY more free/electronics time than they ever have before. They do miss their sports teams, and clubs though. Though even those are sending out workouts, and drills for them to do at home. With both my husband and I working from home we are incredibly grateful that the kids are mostly independent enough for them to manage all of it on their own. We’d never make it otherwise. I already feel a little overwhelmed working full time, exercising with the kiddos, and keeping everyone fed 3 meals a day,, not mention taking care of the house, etc. I really miss my hour or two a day of ‘me’ time to decompress while they were otherwise occupied at school, or activities. I need to figure out a way to make that happen again for my own sanity.

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