18 Years on May 18

We celebrated our 18 year anniversary today. It seems like yesterday that I walked down the aisle to meet him, yet I can hardly remember life before him.

I look back on those 18 years with no regret, feeling happy, content and like the luckiest girl alive. We’ve half-way raised two young men, while the son we lost remains close at heart. We completed our family in bringing home Elsa Belle. We’ve had adventures all over the USA, with so many more yet to come. We’ve lost jobs and landed jobs and been promoted within jobs. We’ve owned two homes, and are still thrilled with the one we plan on “forever”. I don’t take a day with this man for granted and have treasured the last 9.5 weeks with him morning, noon and night.

We headed out for our very first restaurant dining experience since my birthday on March 8! The Select did a beautiful job at service, food and distancing and we were thrilled with the night!

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