Father’s Day 2020 + Almond Croissants

Today we are wising Daddy-O a very happy Father’s Day! We are so thankful we got to see him and celebrate with him last week in Savannah.  I will always be grateful for the hands-on role he played in raising us.  He wasn’t easy on us, but I certainly never doubted that he loved us.  My fondest memories of him are when he would come visit me solo at Georgia Tech before Sister came two years later.  I adore all of his quirks – his supersonic yet selective hearing, his affinity for zip lock bags, his stashes of things like coins and batteries. I admire his ability to nap in the middle of the day and love his huge heart for people in need. I have always been proud to be his daughter and wanted to be just like him in that he’s never met a stranger.

We are also celebrating the patient, steadfast, coaster riding, race running, puppy loving, expert video gaming, sky diving, go-along-with-the-crazy man we call Honey.  I am thankful for him – as a husband, father and friend – every single day.  He’s raising our boys with a strong sense of integrity and a heart full of love. Honey has been our rock and voice of reason over the last few months, and has worked harder than ever caring for us and loving us. 

While Honey spent the last five Father’s Days on the lacrosse and/or baseball field, he enjoyed sleeping in this year. We started our day with his breakfast of choice – Trader Joe’s almond croissants. They also come in chocolate and both are delicious. I keep them on hand in the freezer for special days, just like today. You simply thaw them on the counter overnight and bake in the morning!

As far as the rest of the day, we did a whole lot of nothing. Honey’s one request was to return to in person mass tonight! And, it felt SO good. I had to hide my tears of overwhelming thankfulness to be back, especially when we sang His Eye Is on the Sparrow which is one of my all time favorite hymns. We most recently heard it performed at Preservation Hall in New Orleans, which was absolutely breathtaking. (My other favorite is Be God’s Lyrics.)

Many of my friends – and my own husband – are celebrating their dads in Heaven today. I have read so many beautiful tributes to these great men on social media today. Know that I am thinking of you…

Happy Father’s Day!

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3 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2020 + Almond Croissants

  1. Happy Father’s Day to Daddy-O and Honey! I’m so happy you were able to return to church. What a perfect ending to the day! xo

  2. My hubby lost his father last September two weeks after his 90th birthday so it was a difficult first Fathers Day without him. It felt very strange this year not calling him or planning a trip to see him. He was a great father, grandfather and father in law and is missed greatly. We celebrated his well-lived life today by recalling and telling our favorite stories and memories of him.

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