Life Belt Personalized Needlepoint Belts

The men in my family are the hardest people to buy for by a landslide. I have had my eye on the Life Belt from Smathers & Branson for a long, long time. It went on sale in February and I took the plunge and ordered it for Honey, thinking we’d give it to him for his birthday in May or Father’s Day in June (they say to allow 12 weeks and it took about 14). It is completely custom and arrived shy of his birthday so we gave it to him last month for Father’s Day.

The belt comes in a wood box and we personalized the lid inside.

I mulled over every detail of the belt back when I designed it in February. You can choose from tons of icons and lay them out exactly how you want them using their Life Belt Builder. Here’s what I finally settled on:

his monogram
doodle dog (Elsa)
baseball (played all the way through Georgia Tech)
bow tie (southern gent, tie of choice)

Georgia state flag (born and raised here)
boys (John and Whit’s monograms)
suitcase (travel)

ski (his favorite of all time)
gold bands and our wedding date
fish (a favorite activity)

USA flag
golf (another favorite activity)
GT (georgia tech)

He was thoroughly surprised and genuinely thrilled with the gift. It’s definitely a splurge as far as belts are concerned, but I know he will have it forever and it will be something he never parts with. I’m saving this idea for the boys for a future “forever gift” once they are done growing. <3

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6 thoughts on “Life Belt Personalized Needlepoint Belts

  1. What a beautiful memorable gift. Yes, it is pricey but definitely worth it! And when I just went to the website, there was a pop up with $50 off! So that brings the price down a good bit.

  2. This is a beautiful idea for a gift. I agree, it will be just *perfect* for forever gifts in the future.

    I’d never heard of this – thanks for sharing! xo

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