Cleaning the Sofa

A while back I posted a photo on Instagram about washing my sofa cushions. It generated SO many questions and so much commentary that I meant to share here as well. I lost sight of that intention until Elsa decided to do some digging outside before lounging on my sofa this week. Hence, it is already time to clean them again.

Prior to sharing my process for cleaning the sofa cushions, “taught” to me by my mom, I never considered there were other ways to do it or that our way was not the norm.

My sofa covers zip off. I clean them in the washing machine with regular detergent on a regular cycle with cold water.

If there is a stain or if I’m washing because of a specific incident (I’m looking at you Elsa!), I use 409 carpet cleaner. I let it sit for a while before working it into the fabric.

When finished, I don’t dry them. I simply zip them back on and smooth them out. I stand them up on their sides to dry, where I typically leave them for the rest of the day. While they are drying, I take this opportunity to vacuum out underneath where they usually sit. It is disgusting every.single.time. And we don’t even eat in the den!

All of this begs the question… how do YOU clean your sofa cushions?!

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11 thoughts on “Cleaning the Sofa

  1. I would of never guessed to put them back on wet. I guess I thought it would affect the cushion inside. But it works for you , so awesome. I just dry mine on low heat.

  2. This is not a criticism just an honest question-is there not an issue with mold/mildew from putting the covers on wet? I would be concerned that the inserts would stay damp from the wet covers.

    1. None at all! That was the most commonly asked question when I shared in Instagram. :-) They are barely damp going back on after the spin cycle. Also, the fabric on mine is relatively thin so they dry quickly.

  3. This is a crazy revelation. I just did my cushions last week with my little Bissell spot cleaner and I was thinking I needed to go over them again because they didn’t get completely clean. I’m going to try your method!!!! Thank you for sharing. Speaking of cleaning, since COVID-19, I’ve been fascinated by GoCleanCo’s post on Instagram and have tried so many of her tips and cleaning secrets. Get a box of powdered Tide and check her out!

    1. Ohhh, I will!! I was obsessively cleaning for about 6 weeks. That was fun and productive while it lasted. :-)

    2. I just had to comment back that I washed my sofa cushion covers today and it really was as easy as you said and now they are all clean and fresh smelling! Thank you so much for sharing. Now I want to tell everyone I know to do this!

  4. Curious – after having had the sofa for a while, don’t the cushions look a different color (lighter) than the body of the sofa after all the washings?

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