School Door Decor

Well, this year’s front door decor is not just school inspired, but the actual door to our school. Ha! My kids will be learning at home indefinitely.

I fully realize the school bus theme is not only outdated for 2020, but outgrown with a 6th grader and a freshman. No matter, I have put it up and am embracing it. I will also cajole them into photos right here come next week. :-)

It’s still hot as the surface of the sun here, and while everything is green my flowers and pots are starting to languish.

Over on the side door I use a cheery red apple for the month of August. You can see we have finished up with our summer garden early and Honey is in the process of relocating it for fall. We are working on a backyard overhaul and I need to get out there to take pictures and share soon.

Both the bus and the apple are from Bronwyn Hanahan on etsy. I’ve had most of my Bronwyn Hanahan door hangers for a number of years and all have held up wonderfully.

I hope that you are enjoying the dog days of summer. I am *trying* to, but if I’m very honest I mostly spend any free time stressing about school. 2020 has been a wild ride.

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2 thoughts on “School Door Decor

  1. Well, it’s definitely going to be a different school year. Today, the school notified us that we are doing partial in person and partial online. They have to wear masks though so my boys are not happy about that. I think it’s only a matter of time until we are fully online though…I’m sure as soon as someone in the school tests positive, they’ll change things. I still can’t believe this is our reality…Stay well, friend!

  2. We are going through the same thing here in Texas. We were originally given a choice of Online vs. On Campus, but given the current Covid situation they notified us about 2 weeks ago that school would start mid-August online only. Got more details yesterday that they will have a classic 7 period class schedule with bell times, and they will be expected to log in to each class as the beginning of the period for instruction.

    Ironically the thing that stressed me out/set me off was that there will be a designated lunch period (30 minutes) starting at 10:50AM for my boys. Which means I have to have lunch ready for them at 10:50am! In the grand scheme of things it’s no big deal, but it totally pushed my buttons when I first read it. Thankfully my boys are pretty self sufficient and can fend for themselves as I have meetings/conference calls from 10-11 every single day. I am going to miss our lunches together, and the more relaxed do it at your own time/pace schedules of the Spring. But hopefully the kids will get more education wise out of this go around…. Guess we’ll see…

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