I saw this darling gingerbread kit in Target and thought it would make the cutest Tangled Tower for the Rapunzel lovers out there. If my boys were younger, I would have purchased!

Mother sent me this pic of Daddy-O. I miss my parents so so so so much.

Speaking of parents, this made me literally LOL.

These are hysterical and, strangely, I kind of want one! This would have been great for Halloween too.

This one stopped me in my tracks. I know this, but a gentle reminder is always welcome.

We lost another great in 2020. I thought this was neat.

I’m driving the boys to and from school and this one comes along for every.single.ride. We can’t put the windows down because I don’t trust her not to jump out.

Decorating for Christmas like…

…. kidding, of course, but it made me laugh.

I hope you have a happy weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Really enjoying your musings for today…..little bits of goodness and fun. The wreath would make a good gag holiday card. And a beautiful cat! Happy weekend to you.

  2. Musings – always my fave! That picture of Daddy O is precious. I can’t imagine how much you miss them, friend. 🤎 xo

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