A Fun Little Detail

Sister and I first spied these Chatham County Approved Sign tags when shopping at One Fish Two Fish in Savannah a couple of years ago. At the time, they were for sale only with a (very expensive) basket. We popped in over Christmas break and were excited to see they had been moved to an out-of-the-way pile and were now for sale all on their own. We divided them up, each buying three.

I used picture hanging wire to attach them to the baskets in the banquette in my den. I love this little touch of home.

To be honest, we have no idea what they are! We’ve searched the internet and even tasked Daddy-O with finding out. So far, it is still a puzzle.

Regardless, little things like this go a long way in personalizing a set of basic baskets found on sale many, many years ago.

You can tour the whole room and find sources here:

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