CeeCee Celebrates 8

I can hardly believe my precious niece and “bestie” turns EIGHT today!

She is smart, well spoken, hard working, intuitive, tender-hearted, and funny. She loves ballet, Barbies, stuffies, cooking, crafting and helping out around the house. (she’s not en pointe…. just playing)

I can remember the day Sister called me to get Jay as she headed to the hospital to have CeeCee. I told her I wished she could have done this on a work day so I’d have a good out. :-) Funny the details you remember.

One of my favorite recent stories was the night back in the fall that CeeCee and Jay stayed with us. We had reached the end of the night and were snuggled on the sofa. Her eyes kept fluttering shut and I knew she was almost out. Suddenly, she pops up and says “Aunchie, do you know what would really relax me?” I’m taken aback because the child was about three seconds away from deep sleep. Her eyes grow wide and she grins as she exclaims “CRAFTING!” HAHAHAHA! I let her drag alllll the crafting supplies out and she made the most darling love notes for everyone in the family. <3 When I retold the story to Sister she said this was normal, and also why she always looks so haggard. (she doesn’t)

CeeCee has been a joy from the day she entered this world and was the cherry on top for our family. I know I’ve said this before, but it is worth repeating… I will forever be grateful to my sister for sharing CeeCee with me. She is quick to include me in all of her special moments, and ensures I never miss a single girly thing. This happens so often that sometimes people think she’s mine. :-) It truly means the world to me and is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. The gift of time.

I got to face time with the birthday girl this morning in the crazy get-ready-for-school rush. <3 Happy birthday, sweet ange!

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4 thoughts on “CeeCee Celebrates 8

  1. Happy Birthday Cee Cee! I feel as though I know her😁. The pictures of her are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t believe she’s already such a lovely young lady. Thank you so much for sharing her.

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