I Love {Fancy Sprinkles}

I’ve had my eye on Fancy Sprinkles for months, and when they popped up with a Black Friday sale I finally placed my first order. They have tons of combinations for colors, holidays and occasions. I chose one for Christmas, one for birthdays and a third for Whit’s Golden Birthday and New Years Eve!

I also chose the gold prism powder! This extremely fine edible glitter can go both on baked goods and in beverages.

I’ve enjoyed using them so much over the last month! First things first, I dressed up a basic store bought cake with the sprinkles…

I used both the prism powder and sprinkles to make these fabulous cake pops and to top homemade hot cocoa bombs…

I added fun sprinkles to pretty much every holiday breakfast and treat…

And I used the prism powder to make glitter cocktails and mocktails!

See more of Whit’s Golden Birthday here:

With all of that, I still have half of the gold/white left, most of the prism powder, and nearly all of the Christmas mix yet to use. They are pricey, but a little goes a long way. I definitely recommend following Fancy Sprinkles on Instagram for all of their amazing ideas and videos. I could watch them all day!

More Fancy Sprinkles Creations


I’ll share how-tos on the cake, cake pops and cocoa bombs soon!

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3 thoughts on “I Love {Fancy Sprinkles}

  1. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a source for the popsicle shaped cake pop molds you used and you’re opinion on how you liked it. I’ve heard mixed reviews on how user friendly the are. Thank you

    1. They were SO easy to use and came out of the mold perfectly. The only slightly difficult part was putting in the popsicle stick and then removing them without removing the stick too. Overall, I was impressed! https://amzn.to/2Y3NFiA

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