Winter Welcome in the Foyer

I pack my foyer full of Christmas, so I always love a calm, clean entryway come January.

I have taken down the tiered burlap skirt I use from Halloween through Christmas and replaced it with the beautiful box pleated skirt that I use the rest of the year.

I hung my small Have Mercy Cross on a boxwood wreath and propped it up on a book. The tiny camellias are cut from my yard. My entry table is quite narrow, but I can usually find a few nice things that fit.

I love to use black accents throughout my home. I prefer lighter colors overall, especially since my ceilings are low and my rooms can get dark, but black helps ground things and adds interest. In the foyer alone, the door, canes, stairs, book and frames reflected from the living room are all tied together with black!

You can see my large cross on the January front door here:

Hope you have a lovely day! It continues to be freezing cold here, but at least the rain has stopped.

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One thought on “Winter Welcome in the Foyer

  1. As much as I love Christmas decor, I am always ready for a clean, uncluttered and fresh beginning come January too. Your entryway is all of that with a touch of classic decor. I have always heard designers say you should always have a pop of black in every room.

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