A Classic Confectionary Celebration for CeeCee

Sister and CeeCee invited me on an absolutely marvelous getaway to Disney for her 8th birthday early last month. I still need to share all of those darling details. I loved every second of our magical, girly time.

CeeCee thoughtfully chose a bag full of treats from the Main Street Confectionary to continue the celebration at home with her brother and cousins!

And, back home, we set up a darling Classic Confectionary Celebration outside in my backyard! All of this was entirely Sister’s vision. I was just her “assistant.”

Y’all know how we love to doll up a store-bought cake! Well, we did just that for this $10 Publix confection.

CeeCee was particular about how everything was set out and displayed. She’s so little in many ways, but grown up in many others.

I must admit, it felt pretty magical to have these favorite sweets right at home!

See how we used the extra cotton candy here:

The birthday girl wore her gorgeous dress again for this occasion. It reminds me so much of one Mother made for Sister at about this age. I loved it SO SO much. She despised it – called it the Tooth Fairy Dress – and fussed constantly the couple of times she wore it. :-) The whole time I was wishing it were mine!

Back to the party… once everything was just right, it was time to call out the boys!

We sang happy birthday and CeeCee worked as hard as she could to blow out those EIGHT sparkler candles!

See how we dolled up her store bought cake here:


After dessert we had dinner! I know that’s the reverse order but if you can’t have cake before supper on your birthday, when can you?! Back when we did at-home hibachi for John’s birthday, Honey promised the younger kids they could all cook for their birthdays too! We used to always go out for this meal on birthdays but it has been so much fun to do it at home.

As always, the egg toss was a favorite. They now have a catcher, a backup catcher, a backup to the backup AND Elsa who cleans up the ground for any flying morsels that miss all three human mouths.

CeeCee cooked up a delicious meal!

Happy birthday, precious girl!!! You are so loved!!!

It’s hard to believe this child is eight. Time does fly, doesn’t it?

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14 thoughts on “A Classic Confectionary Celebration for CeeCee

  1. She looks darling in all of the photos, but the one where she is eyeing the onion volcano captures the BEST expression. You can tell how loved and special she feels ❤️

  2. Wow!! Would you please share recipes for desserts and the delicious looking grilled hibachi meal?
    Perfect party for a little girl, and she is the cutest thing in Mickey Mouse ears!

  3. That dress!! The confectionary colors/fabric is beyond beautiful and it looks so pretty on CeCe. I did take it that your Mom made it? She is one talented seam tress! I love the confectionary theme and how the food/desserts/party favors all tied in together. Your Sister always does an amazing job of party planning and is so detailed oriented.

  4. I love everything about her birthday party. Thanks for sharing. Your sister always does the sweetest parties for her. And CeeCee did such a beautiful job attending to the details of the table. Did you make the cake? It’s just the perfect family sized birthday cake. I always love a great Disney Themed party.

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