Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Corned Beef Sandwich Night}

My boys have gone mad for corned beef sandwiches this year! It took me three tries to successfully set up this dinner table, as they kept eating all of the sandwich provisions as soon as they hit the fridge. Does anyone else have midnight snackers?! I don’t ever remember being so ravenous as a teenager and, having only a sister, this is such an oddity to me. At any rate, I came home from the store with my THIRD pound of corned beef and such and hid it behind the arugula. I knew nobody but me would touch it if it were the last thing left on the planet. And, at long last… Corned Beef Sandwich Night!

I know I carry on about my Happy Everything things each holiday, but they really are the best. I have amassed quite a collection over the years and it takes virtually no space to store the attachments.

In addition to sandwiches, we enjoyed carrots, bugles (Honey’s addition) and chocolate coins for dessert.

I bought the plates and cups probably a decade ago at WalMart. The mini cauldrons are great at St. Pats and Halloween. The flowers are looking rather odd here. I think they must have gotten turned around in the cube.

I’ve ordered our Krispy Kreme green donuts for delivery tomorrow morning and have a real corned beef and cabbage dinner planned for the crock pot.

Hope the luck ‘o the Irish is with us all!

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day {Corned Beef Sandwich Night}

  1. Looks great! We’ve never celebrated today, very much, but I might need to add it in. I bet my boys would love those sandwiches! You are so right, I’m one of three girls, and I watch my two boys eat with gross fascination. It seems almost impossible how much they can eat. They are tweens, so I’m nervous for my grocery shopping in a fee years. It’s truly the complete opposite of the dainty meals we ate growing up…give them all the meat and potatoes!

  2. Boys that age have hollow legs, you can’t fill them up! 😂. I used to be in amazement at the quantity my son could eat! He was truly hungry and it seemed to be 24/7.

    Enjoy your special dinner this evening!


  3. That comment about Honey’s touch made me laugh!! I love Bugles!! Wishing ya’ll a very Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

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