Last Birthday Fun

Rounding out my birthday month was the most thoughtful little porch party with two dear friends. They secretly contacted Sister and Honey to put together an evening of my favorites. It was incredibly touching that they did this and brought a tear to my eye to feel so loved. Nobody could appreciate a menu of chicken salad, avocado toast (which Honey called “guacamole bread” when asked) and blood orange mimosas like me!

As the evening grew chilly, a roaring fire and toasty blankets were the epitome of cozy. Oh, and look at the gorgeous hydrangeas they sent home with me!! Again, my favorites .

Dessert was another something many people wouldn’t fully appreciate – a homemade brown butter strawberry shortcake! I cannot tell you how amazing it was. Fun fact – I didn’t eat chocolate until I suddenly craved it during my first pregnancy. All of my girlfriends were thrilled to not have to order a fruit dessert when we went out. :-)

Thank you AW and MM for making 45 so special. I truly felt like a guest of honor. If you’re ever looking for a simple, thoughtful way to celebrate someone, asking their closest loved ones for tips on their favorites means SO much!

The boys don’t have school tomorrow and we are looking forward to a long weekend of sports and fun in the sun!

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One thought on “Last Birthday Fun

  1. I need to see more pics of AW’s new porch! Can you ask where her furniture came from? I have nothing for our new cabana and need to start shopping…

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